Couple Therapy

Couple therapy is a systemic approach to the typical problems faced by couples of all ages, and aims to:

  • Explore the different positions taken during interactions between yourself and your partner in a more objective manner, and how these positions form certain types of relationship patterns as a result. For example, a couple might choose to stop the “blame game”, lest it become the ruling principle of the relationship
  • Help couples express emotions and thoughts that they may otherwise fear sharing. Couples who avoid expressing their feelings put themselves at greater risk of growing apart
  • Improve the ability to listen actively and empathetically. Partners sometimes require coaching to learn how to speak with each other in more supportive and understanding ways
  • Promote the already existing strengths in the relationship and help build resilience. This is because it is easy to become problem focussed in couple therapy, instead of concentrating on areas in which the couple already functions effectively

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